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Q3 Earnings Watch: Who Beat, Who Missed?

The third quarter i.e. Q3 earnings are well underway and investors are keen to find out who beats the estimates. The overview below shows all estimates and actual numbers for all 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average (symbol: DJIA) components. Figures are daily updated before the market opens, so bookmark this page. For your convenience, a link to download the accompanying excel-file is included at the bottom.

As of Friday November 18, Pfizer (PFE) and Walt Disney (DIS were the only DOW30 components that missed analyst estimates (EPS). The chart below shows that an earnings beat (miss) doesn’t necessarily means that shares will advance (decline). Often, the outlook and the earnings call later on the day is much more important. But most small beats (1-2% above mean estimate) are followed by a 2-3% decline, as a crowded area in the chart below shows.

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All Q3 estimates and actual figures of the DOW30 companies:

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Please find the excel-file (.xlsx) with all the data here: DOW30 Earnings Watch (2016-11-18)